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in the life of me

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

why the fuck should i be ashamed of myself because my brother fell asleep in his car waiting for me to come out from work, and i didnt notice that he was fucking there!? sorry if i glance and see an empty car and dont thinnk.. "oh, well.. my brother must be sleeping in the car right there so i should make sure it is him!" where the fuck does it say i should do that anywhere!?> is there an invisible rule book called "101 ways to be ashamed of yourself if you dont do This!" fucking people are so fucking stupid!

Friday, March 05, 2004

yah.. i should shouldnt I? wooow.. i havent been her inthe longest time... the hair cuts long past, and nope i sure didnt like it.. *raspberry* but it grew out so we'll see about getting another one... not the same as that last one... duh...

whats happened to Shannon in the past little while ... well... November i was in the hospital and got my gall bladder removed... that was very painful indeed...
christmas was good.. presents were awesome, i even got one from my brothers and sister, which is unusual cause they dont usually buy stuff for me...
new years was awesome... had a little gathering at home with justa couple ppl and we had the best time ever.. drinking.. and maybe a lil smoking *grins* we danced pretty much all night... ummmm
ohhh well.. Starbucks is going well.. i work there ya know.. i dont believe i've told you, but then again i cant remember anything i've said on this thing, so no worries, you're just hearing it one more time... and im promoted.. i am now a Shift, and i make lots of money, and i still like working there and the people are (sometimes *wink*wink*) awesome... we all get along wickedly and the customers are great.... i havent had any trouble......yet....
last week i went into the hospital again cause i was throwing up and had sever stomache pain, and i never throw up unless its something bad, like when i had the Gall stones? i was sick all night, and in lots and lots of pain, kinda like this pain except i think this time it was worse... i mean... i could hardly breathe at a couple of points, it just hurt too much, but thank god i went into the hospital.. they gave me Morphine and i was good... i've gotta go get ready for work, so i think i might chat in here every now and then... mayeb i'll start righting short stories? who knoes..

Monday, September 29, 2003

well.. i thought it would be ncie to update again...
i decided on friday that i was going to cut my hair, and i did! of course, everyone says that they dont like their new hair after a haircut, but thats only if they decide to change their whole look and try something new... and well..... yah, you guessed it..... i dont like it very much at all..... some say it takes time, but i dont think there is going to be enough time forme..... i mean.. they hairdresser did a good job and all, i just dont think it suits me personally.... now when i see myself, all i see is "cute" and i dont like "cute." but meh.. no point in whining.. its done and over with, and others say it looks good.. soo.. i might as well "go with the flow" :D

works going as good as can be...lots of shifts = lots of money :D
last wednesday i got a wisdom tooth removed, and just now the stitches popped out... i was sitting here reading a friends journal, and all of a sudden something was in my mouth, so i picked it out, and voila... my stitches.. hehehe they are dissolvable or something so they come out themselves... and oh my gosh, i finished whatching The King and I, and i like that movie .. it is sooo cute... i watched the original first, Anna and the king of Siam... not as good as the second i dont think... :D

anyway.. im off to clean my mouth out with yummmy salt water... ttfn

Friday, September 26, 2003

wellll.. this blog sure is dead.. ahah... but meh.. thats fine with me.. nothing really important or significant has happened to make me want to write... of course this really is suppose to be my thinking page.. or my selfish pitying page, which is now going to be for me.. if anyone still comes here, then i hope you enjoy it... cause you're probably going to see alot of me being selfish, but... everyone is in their own little way...

i've been bored really... everyone has gone away to college/ university, and have left me to myself, but of course, i also understand all the work that they need to do, so have no worries, i dont hate you ;)
i hope you're all enjoying school, and i hope you're meeting new and entertaining ppl.... of course you wont find anyone as good as me, but you'll just have to deal :D
working at starbucks is nice, i get good money, and the ppl there are pretty wicked...
i've been sick for the past week, and hopefully it'll all go away... i lost my hearing yesterday, but its back.. .. annnnnd..... i've got a cold and a cough, and i had a stuffy nose, but its gone... well.. kinda... im still snuffling....
anyway... i cant think of much to write, except live life, and have fun... yada yada yada... aha

cant wait till im 19! *dances*


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

hmmm.. i was just thinking this and i decided to write it down... the world is a pile of shit, and were its diapers.... no wait... the world is that diaper and we're the pile of shit rotting away because noone or nothing will come and clean it up. ... lol.. i really like that.. im a good thinker, dont ya think? its true though...

thanks brittany for reminding me of your blog.. i just went there... interesting you ppl are... its hard to decipher whos who, but its fun trying to guess, cause you just have to conclude what you think, of course thats only if you know who posts there... but yah.. fun fun.... that filming thing will be fun if you make it fun...

its funny how ppl find ways to try and make themselves unbored, when they are bored... the things people come up with... or the things people do.. lol... weird ppl they are..... not me.. never me...

hey........ imma meet my dream boy soon.. hes tall with blondy hair (although i like dark better) and ummm... like. blueish eyes.. and not athletic, but not fat.... lol.. good description i think... it'll be interesting to see what will happen in that little affair..... yes.. yes it will...

my losing weight resolution is at its head... im doing what i said i would do, and im happy that im doing it... lol... yay me.....course noone there to really celebrate with, cause you know how everyone hates me... :D

buh bye


Saturday, July 12, 2003

This is some more of that excert i put into my blog a little while ago.. :D have a good laugh...

A loud voice rang clear through the crowd "Stop!"
Heads turned, and people froze. The girl beneath the crowd lay motionless. Sir Hatcher strode forward in long strides. "You people should be ashamed of yourselves! this young lass has done nothing to you, and yet you are willing to kill her? beat her like a beast? " he shook his head in disgust, and lifted the girl up. Taking her to the carriage he had come in, he turned, and told the crowd "Be gone, and dont dare lay a hand on this girl or else you will be brought to me." the finality of the command, and the steel voice had the villagers running off quietly.

bah, cant think no more.. but yah.. hahah.. thats some more.. pretty pointless unless im going to make a story out of it... we'll see....
how are you? whoever is interested in this pitiful blog?? having a good summer?
im alright... so happy school is finally out......

nothing interesting to write..

Monday, April 07, 2003

its ok brittany.. i've already been to your site.. plus.. i dont really like making fun of ppl.
and yes.. i did repeatedly say i dont care, and i wasnt going too, but i said that to you too.. talking about how i was repeating myself, cause i've said it a million times..
but anyway/// today was... fine.
i've almost finished my chapter for writers craft! yes! it sux.. but who cares!?
im going to go and watch road to perdition..than im off too bed...
tomorrow is gonna be a long, long, long day

brittany.. you just realized now that i didnt like being made fun of? your pretty slow .. :P
you find my site humourous or you find me bitching at everyone humourous?
im going now.. talk to you later... i guess...
buh bye
hey.. did ya enjoy my site christina? hahahaha .. its awesome isnt it? see ya tomorrow.



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